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Our Story

Being situated in the Garden Route South Africa has made making beautiful memories so easy. Wanderlust Lockets celebrate these memories and allow you to capture them safely in a glass locket. Whether you are a mom wanting to wear your children close to your heart, a bride, grandmother or simply setting out on your first adventure, choose charms to remind you of your special people, your tribe, or your goals, dreams and desires.

At Wanderlust, all our treasures are carefully chosen, personalised and locally packaged with care and love in the Garden Route. We put extra effort into the finer details and making things pretty, whether it be on the jewellery pieces themselves (Wanderlust Stories & Roots Collection) or creative elements on our packaging. We enjoy extending this care and effort to those around us and that is why we are proud to have partnered with LIFE Community Services who produce our custom fabric bags and assist us with assembling our Wanderlust boxes.

Life Community Services

Thank you so much for being part of our journey…now go and have fun creating your own!

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