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Locket Care

Caring for your Wanderlust Locket

Stainless steel is one of the jewellery industries premier metals, it is hypoallergenic and will not rust or tarnish. They are beautiful and durable however caring for them properly is still important!

Cherish your Locket

Although our lockets are made out of stainless steel and the glass is tempered, they are still fragile and can break if not handled with love and care. Please avoid dropping your locket and when wearing it on a long chain take care not to smash it against things, hard knocks will damage the crystals settings and can break the glass.

Opening and closing your locket

Magnetic style: Please note that when opening them, some open further than others – Do not force the hinges or let them slam closed, please ensure that all of your charms are fully inside and not on top of each other when closing.

Screw top style: Do not force the moving or turning as you close your locket. Ensure that it has been correctly lined up and turn it closed slowly and gently, should it not be lined up correctly you will notice it immediately.

Avoid Water

Always remove your jewellery before entering water or dancing in the rain. Should your locket get wet, please remove and gently dry all of the pieces.


To keep your Wanderlust locket sparkling rub all the pieces gently with a soft cloth.


Please remove your locket when working with harsh chemicals, or when applying beauty products.


A word of caution for children on both the glass locket and the small floating charms, these could cause harm if swallowed or the glass gets broken around small children. As much as your little ones adore your locket, please use caution and avoid letting them handle it for their safety and the safety of your locket.

We hope you enjoy your locket and expressing yourself through your choices of floating charms in your locket.

Please feel free to contact customer service for further information.

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